Timeline of African-American Legal History in Nevada 1861-2011

February 10, 2013 in Diversity and the Judicial Branch, Diversity in National Life, Nevada Law & Policy, Race & Law in Nevada, Spotlight

NVHistTimeline1861-1866The Timeline of African-American Legal History in Nevada (1861-2011) (click link for pdf) by Professor Rachel J. Anderson depicts selected events in the history of African-American lawyers, civil rights, and diversity in Nevada’s bar and on the bench. It was published in the February 2012 issue of the Nevada Lawyer, the official publication of the State Bar of Nevada, as a joint venture by the Las Vegas Chapter of the National Bar Association (LVNBA) and the State Bar of Nevada.

The LVNBA and the authors were awarded the State Bar of Nevada’s Medal of Justice for this Black History Month issue. “The recipients of The Medal of Justice award were chosen by the State Bar president, Connie Akridge and Executive Committee members (Frank Flaherty, Alan Lefebvre, Elana Graham and Larry Digesti). The Medal of Justice award is one given to individuals and groups who contribute to advancing the mission of the State Bar through exemplary programs and volunteer work. Recipients of this award are those who inspire by example, advance the administration of justice, and bring honor and integrity to the profession. This award recognizes the outstanding work that fostered understanding of a portion of Nevada’s legal history. The special Black History Month issue highlighted the achievements and contributions of African-American lawyers in Nevada. The team pulled together resources from all corners of Nevada to depict the trials and success of Nevada’s black lawyers and to tell the story as it has never been told. This was truly a collaborative task between the State Bar and the Las Vegas Chapter of the National Bar Association.” - Kimberly K. Farmer, Executive Director, State Bar of Nevada

The Timeline of African-American Legal History in Nevada (1861-2011) (click link for pdf) by Professor Rachel J. Anderson was researched and written by Professor Rachel J. Anderson with the support and assistance of Arthur L. Williams, Jr., Kathleen J. England, Professor Jeanne Price, Jennifer Anderson, Paulette Reed-Anderson, Karl Armstrong, Richard F., Boulware, Doreen Spears-Hartwell, Matthew Wright, Judge Gloria Sturman, and others. It builds on the work of Elmer R. Rusco,  Claytee White, and other Nevada historians and scholars using oral histories housed in the LVNBA Archive at the Wiener-Rogers Law Library, various secondary sources, and primary documents.

The inclusion of historically significant photographs and documents in this timeline was made possible with the help and support of a number of individuals and organizations: Arthur L. Williams, Jr.; Johnson Publishing Company (in particular, Vickie Wilson, the Operations Department and the Legal Department); Las Vegas Chapter of the National Bar Association Archive at the Wiener-Rogers Law Library; The Mark E. Mitchell Collection of African American History; Nevada Historical Society; Nevada Humanities; Nevada State Library and Archives (in particular, Carol Lloyd); Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas (in particular, David Millman and Dennis McBride); Oral History Research Center at UNLV (in particular, Claytee D. White); Special Collections, University of Nevada, Reno Libraries (in particular Kimberly J. Roberts); Scurlock Studio Records, Archives Center, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution; University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries, Special Collections (in particular, Peter Michel and Kelli Luchs); Thompson Reuters and UNLV Boyd School of Law Wiener-Rogers Law Library (in particular, Professor Jeanne Price, Jennifer Anderson and Matthew Wright).